I’m a veteran of the United States Army. It was at that time that I was taught the darkroom and my love of photography was truly born. Since that time, I’ve had careers in both the engineering and IT worlds. I’ve raised two children and been blessed with a grandson. If I’m not working or involved with photography I’m very drawn to the music world. I love going to hear good music of most any kind, but particularly bluegrass, folk or blues.

Most my free time is spent in photography. I’m willing to shoot most any subject at any time. A photograph freezes a moment in time, preserving it for the ages. An expression on a face, a sweeping landscape or a glimpse down a city street; stopping time and saving that split second is unparalleled in any other medium. This is what I love about the art of photography.

Contact me to preserve priceless slices of your life. I am very easy to work with and affordable to most any budget. Contact me and lets talk. Together we can make memories that generations to come will enjoy

Larry Peak Photos
Spring Hill, Kansas